Writings from the Pastor

Pastor Dennis Beckner

Whether an article for the newspaper, a worship resource, a sermon manuscript, or other writing, encouraging words can always be helpful.  Here Pastor Dennis Beckner will share some writings for your reading, study, and encouragement.

August 15, 2020, The Post & Mail

Written for the pastor’s page in our local newspaper, this article highlights why we should consider our teachers especially this fall.  Consider some of your favorite teachers of all time.  Have you ever thanked them?

Remembering Our Teachers

October 31, 2010, sermon manuscript, “The New Testament Brethren: Baptism”

This sermon shares a historical perspective of baptism in the Church of the Brethren along with personal stories from my background.  The Great Commission, found in Matthew 28, is used as a focal point.

2010 Oct 31 sermon The New Testament Brethren – Baptism